High Quality Photos

The first thing a potential client is going to notice when they land on your listing is your photos, a lot of the time this could be the only thing they look at. Having high quality photos taken by professionals will help a lot in getting more clients, if you can’t get access to a professional photographer you can always get a tripod and take the photos yourself. Drop the mirror selfies.

Also, don’t be afraid to cover up! You don’t have to show everything in your photos. In fact a lot of clients like it when there is a bit of mystery and something left up to their imagination.


After browsing your photos a client tends to give your description/bio a quick read over. It is important to include as much information about you in here as possible, especially any rules you may have! As much as it is important to include lots of information try to keep it short to keep the attention of potential clients.

Use your description to introduce yourself and tell a little about who you are, what kind of services you offer and even a little about what hobbies you’re into. Use the description/bio to connect to potential clients.

Supply “Appearance” Information

When creating a listing there are boxes you can fill out that describes your appearance. Filling in all boxes can greatly increase your bookings as it gives potential clients a clearer image of you. Matched with images and your description/bio potential clients are much more likely to get in contact with you. 

Supply Your Twitter Handle

If you are active on twitter this can be a great way to create another contact point with potential clients. When creating a listing there is a box for you to enter your Twitter handle.