Condoms are a product created to protect you, they are very important for both you and the escort as it protects you both from diseases and unplanned pregnancies. 

It is against the law in New Zealand to provide or receive a commercial sexual service that includes vaginal, anal or oral penetration unless all steps have been taken to make sure you’re wearing protection or other barriers (eg:condom) or it could increase the lilkeyhood of acquiring or transmitting sexually transmissible diseases. This is set out in Part 2, Section 9, subsection 1 of the Prostitution Reform Act 2003.

All listings on VIP Girls our escort directory in New Zealand must require the use of a condom. Natural services are illegal in New Zealand and this is something that we do not condone. It is up to each individual listing to state this.

Some tips when using a condom are:

  • Be cautious when opening the wrapper try to not use your teeth as it can damage/tear the condom.
  • Make sure you find the right size condom for you as you don’t want it coming off halfway through intercourse.
  • When applying condom pinch end and roll the condom down your shaft to avoid any air bubbles.
  • Always use lube to prevent friction and damage to the condom.
  • If you’ve put the condom on wrong don’t flip and put back on as you can cause pre cum contamination.
  • Once you’ve cum hold condom before pulling out to avoid it coming off.
  • Use a fresh condom when switching between vaginal and anal sex.

If an escort offers you natural services or asks if this is something you would be interested in politely decline and find a different escort for your company.