Being an escort is a professional job, just like any other job in the marketplace. Escorts provide companionship, a solid girlfriend experience, and sexual services for men who would otherwise be unable to have their needs fulfilled. There are many NZ escorts who provide excellent services and must therefore be treated kindly as well. Here are some of the basic client etiquette rules to observe when hiring an escort.

Be Punctual With Your Appointment

When you have booked your slot with an escort, make sure you arrive at the agreed meeting place on time. As a general rule, you should not show up too early, or come late. If you arrive too late, you are wasting each other’s time and this may interfere with her schedule later on. If you arrive too early, you may run into the client before you, and this could be awkward and uncomfortable for both of you. Trying to arrive at your meeting point five minutes before your allotted time slot is generally a good practice. 

Respect Her Privacy and Do’s and Dont’s

Most escorts will clearly specify the services that they provide and the things they do not do on the website. It is your responsibility as a client to go through the list and respect her boundaries. Make sure you confirm on the phone or via text message what services are being offered and how much they will cost. You should clear all confusion before you proceed with the booking.

Also, if there are any extra services that you require, make sure they are all specified clearly beforehand. On top of this, it is also very important to
respect the privacy of your escort. This means you should not ask the escort for details about her private life such as her real name or for any other
personal details such as about her family or children that she may have. Disregarding this rule is unacceptable and is intrusive on her privacy.

Maintain Personal Hygiene

Make sure you are shaved and showered prior to your appointment with your escort to make it is a good experience for everyone. Your shirt should be clean and tidy and it is recommended that you always use a little cologne or body spray beforehand as well. If you smell pleasant and are hygienic and tidy, the ladies will enjoy the experience with you a little more and thus, will provide better service. I’m sure you expect nothing less from the lady, so do the same and make this a pleasant and pleasurable experience for both of you.

Always Practice Safe Sex

No one likes getting sexually transmitted diseases, so it is very important that you as a client never ask for unprotected sex. If you are being offered such services, politely decline and always insist on using protection. On top of this, having unprotected sex with an escort is an illegal act and by doing so, you may be putting her livelihood at risk. So always make it a safe experience for everyone.

Be Generous With Your Tips

While tipping is not a necessity, it does not hurt to make a lady’s day by giving her a generous tip if you feel that she has gone all the way to satisfy your needs. Perhaps, she will remember you more fondly and it will motivate her to provide you an even better service next time.